Calabar Sugar Mummy, Idoreyin is Looking For A Sugar Boy

Calabar Sugar Mummy – Sugar Mummy In Calabar – My name is Idoreyin, i am from Akwa-Ibom state (what some of you call “Calabar People”). Whichever way, you’re not so wrong.

I have been through hell in relationships, and now i just wanna have fun. I’ll be 35 in November but i have experienced lots of pain dating men. I have been single for about 2 years+ now. I am very rich but i can’t find love. It’s so frustrating.

My dad left so much money for me as his only child when he died, i have my business which is booming in Calabar. I just need love irrespective if you are younger than i am. As a matter of fact, i prefer a younger man.

I will be coming to read your comments on this page everyday till i find my dream man. Kindly tell me about yourself in the comment box below, also drop your mobile phone number. I will contact you and we will talk well.

Note: Money is not a problem. I just need true love

Sugar Mummy

Rich Abuja Sugar Mummy, Godiya Will Love To Connect With You

You requested for a rich Abuja sugar mummy, now you have her. This is Godiya, she is from Kaduna State but she is based in Abuja Nigeria.

Godiya is 34 years old. she has given up on love and she needs just one man who will make her see things differently. She has been in a relationship with both younger and older men and so far, it hasn’t turn out to be good.

Considering what she has been through, Godiya now wants a younger man who can treat her right and make her feel like a woman! Godiya is demisexual; therefore she has to be attracted to you before she can have $ex with you.

If you are being chosen by Godiya, you’ll be with her for 2 months in Abuja, where you both will see if you can build a chemistry between yourselves. She will take care of all your needs. She is very wealthy and she’s got a free hand!

The ball is in your court! Do you think you match all Godiya’s needs? Drop your phone number below and full details about your self.

Sugar Mummy

Hi, My name is Sugar Mummy Rebbeca. I currently reside in Port Harcourt, I need a Guy For Serious Love and Relationship

Hi Admin, My name is Rebbeca and am from Delta state. I currently reside in Port Harcourt and i need a guy who can be called my friend, my brother, my protector and my lover. I don’t care which tribe or religion the person is as long as you have a good heart, i can be with you.

If you think you are Good for Rebbeca please Drop your message box for more info about how to get hooked-up to her.

Note: Strictly for serious guys

Sugar Mummy

Madam Daisy is Looking For Handsome Dark Young Man For Serious Sugar Mummy Affair

Miss Daisy is Looking For Handsome Dark Young Man For Serious Relationship in Akwa Ibom.Hello Admin, I have heard a lot about your website and I believe you can connect me with someone who is ready for serious relationship.

I am Daisy from Akwa Ibom and I am in need of a serious relationship. I am 26 and I am a quiet person, outgoing and extrovert. I want a man between 35 and 40 years old. He must be a working class (no student needed).

I am here for serious people alone. Your location is nothing but it will be okay if you live in Calabar – Akwa Ibom axis. Thanks admin as you post this for me.

Sugar Mummy

Queen the Sugar Mummy Needs a Sugar Boy for Serious Affair

Hi admin, A friend of mine directed me to this site insisting that i can get a boyfriend for me,  am a young lady at my 30 birthday, working and financially stable and i would wish to have a guy of age above 18 and below 28 who can be riding my hot stuff and i will cater him in all his needs.

I live in Nigeria. He can relocate to my house if he wants. Please i wish to get a nice guy with no ill motives of harming me.

Drop your location, age and contact details below: