How to Talk About Life Insurance with Someone who Doesn’t Want to Discuss It

Feeling shut out? Patience and persistence can help get the conversation rolling. I remember it well. When I suggested to my husband that we sit down to talk with a financial services professional to assess our life insurance situation, his enthusiasm was pretty much non-existent. We had some coverage through his employer, and he thought […]

The New Retirement: 3 Things to Think About Now

If you think your retirement is going to look like your parents’ or grandparents’ retirement, think again. Here are three things you should be considering: 1. The Bank of Mom and Dad won’t always be open. There are two sides to this. If you’re currently supporting your adult children, you’re not alone. According to a […]

Are You Paying the Kiddie Tax?

The kiddie tax is a tax rule that is levied on unearned income (interest, dividends and capital gains) earned by children under the age of 19 and full-time college students under the age of 24. For 2016, all of the child’s unearned income in excess of $2,100 is taxed at the parent’s tax rate. In […]

How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need?

Some people equate life insurance with tragedy and death. In truth, life insurance is for the living. Without it, the sudden demise of a key breadwinner could leave a family stranded without the resources to maintain their lifestyle—or even retain their home. Not so long ago, professionals recommended that families carry a life insurance policy […]

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